Hello British Columbia and the rest of Canada, my name is Mikaela and I am your current reigning Miss Teenage Langley Township ( Miss Teenage Langley ) for short.

I am so honoured to be representing such a beautiful city. It’s taken me a long time to get here and when I received my title I was so over joyed.

Growing up I struggled with my body image and was bullied a lot. I was always very tiny and underweight so to most of the kids I went to school with I looked funny. I didn’t understand how the people who I was always friendly to could be so cruel.

In about grade 6 I had just turned twelve and my mom saw an ad in the paper for a beauty pageant for young girls. I got so excited that I would get to dress up like a princess for the day. The day of the pageant came and I didn’t place, but that was okay I still had a tiara to take home and got an award for prettiest smile. But aside from not placing and getting my award, that day was the first day I felt confident about who I was, that day changed my life forever. Over the next couple years I continued to do some more little pageants and started placing and learning how to be more confident each time. At fourteen I saw an ad for miss teenage Canada and was in awe. I talked to my mom and we signed up and I did my interview and got accepted to compete that year in 2012. I spent the next while prepping for the pageant. Pageant weekend came and boy was I nervous, I met my first friend Sabrina, and Amanda. We stuck together the whole weekend and with a group of about 45 girls so many young ladies who I could meet and get to know over the weekend. We were all so young and this was an amazing learning curve for us all, at the end of the weekend neither of us placed, but Sabrina and I promised eachother that one day when we were ready we would come back. Sabrina went back in 2014 and was the reigning miss teenage southern Alberta that year, boy was I ever proud of her. Now flash forward two  years and now it’s my turn, she helped me prepare and even was there for the weekend to help volunteer, I was so happy to have her there with me, just like we had done our first time four years before. Now I embark on my journey, in that time I have grown , matured and blossomed into who I am today.

I was very blessed growing up too, my family always made sure my siblings and I were always active and learning.

We were raised in the beautiful outdoors that British Columbia has to offer. Fishing , camping and long drives were always fun. I remember going on road trips for family vacations and seeing so many amazing places on my travels.

I can’t wait to post more, follow me on my journey and for updates


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