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Hello again family and friends and people of Canada, your Miss Teenage Langley Township here to talk to you about the beautiful place I call home and I’m not just talking about living in BC , but nuzzled just north of Vancouver is a nice place called Langley. Now here in Langley we have the township and the city of Langley. If my title didn’t give it away I live in the township. The township of Langley stretches from Fort Langley to aldergrove. The township is basically like a town with many little towns within it.

Here is a small list of places in the township.        Aldergrove.                                                               Brookwood.                                                             Fernridge.                                                                   Fort Langley.                                                              Milner.                                                                      Murrayville.                                                                Willoughby.                                                              -Walnut Grove

Now generally when someone says let’s visit Langley most people think Fort Langley or the Greater Vancouver Zoo. I’m going to one of those people and focus on Fort Langley.

Fort Langley is a beautiful gem amongst many of the historic towns in British Columbia and it’s filled with history , colour and leaves you with a feeling of whimsy. From the historic buildings to the architecture of the fences and shops, you take a step back into time. If you are feeling like taking a long walk in nature and enjoying the views of the river , the greenery and even the wild life such as birds and other little forest mammals and frogs, then the Fort to Fort trail is for you, just keep your eyes and ears peeled for trains as they are quite loud. If you are the type of person that likes to cozy up with a nice cup of coffee, tea, or hot chocolate then Wendels coffee shop and book store is the place for you. The staff will welcome you with big smiles and delicious beverages and yummy food. If you have heard of the TV show Once Upon A Time then you will probably know that Fort Langley’s town hall is the home of the storybrooke town hall , now the new name of this bright yellow historic building, the town hall happens to be a favourite for many film crews such as the air buddy series which continued to the puppy version snow buddies , Santa buddies ect. It is also the home of the Fort Langley women’s institute. Now when you first drive into Fort Langley you will see a church , a cemetery and the birth place of bc museum, these three places are what first take you back into time, the trees that line the road cover at first and the open up to the more downtown district where you will find all the food and shops , such as the little White House, say cheese , Gasoline Alley ( which has a hidden bead shop in the back corner that is accessible when the gates are open), the 50’s diner, gelato , antiques , Beatnik’s bistro, And so much more. If you are up early enough you may even catch the rowers on the river. Near the river where the train runs is an old train station where you can see old tracks and the board that told you what train was coming when. There is a place called the Fort pub and grill just across the track and if you are up for it you can walk across the bridge to McMillan island.

Fort Langley has something for everyone , child to adult , hipster to posh, I garuntee this will be a place you and your family will love going back to go and explore, with many many photo ops along the way, garuntee you will make memories to last a life time , even if it means just going to drive around the surrounding farm roads to look at the scenery.

Come for a visit 🙂

  • Mikaela – Miss Teenage Langley Township
Written by: Mikaela

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